PolyHexane is a hexagonal maze game.  You can select 16×16 and 32×32 maze.  If you come to like this game, 48×48 and 64×64 maze can be purchased.

Finding the path in the maze can be boresome. To avoid monotonicity, the markers in the maze are rainbow-colored, and various tone will ring as you step forward. The tone may sound random, but is generated from the number – the distance between present position and starting point.

From Number to Tone

The algorithm of tone generation is as follows:
1. The number is prime factorized: N = p_1 \times p_2 \times ... \times p_n
2. The tone will contain sine-curve sound (note) of frequencies (in Hz):
f_0 = 440
f_k = f_0 \times (3+k) / p_k where k = 1...n

The generated tone is a mixture of notes harmonizing in some way.
The tones for prime numbers such as 11, 13, 17 sounds low whereas 2^n type of numbers sounds very sharp. I think I can hear characteristics of numbers through the tones. I’ll be glad if you feel the same.

VS Battle

Two players can play VS battle. Players start from opposite corner of 32×32 maze.

Players are connected with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To prevent leakage of privacy, random 5-digit number is used as your ID.  In the VS battle screen you can search nearby players. Two players who want to play are to display same VS battle screen at the same time and one is to invite the other.

Purchase / restore

To play 48×48 or 64×64 game you have to make in-app purchase. Purchase is only needed once and is permanent. If you reinstalled the app you have to restore the purchase. No further payment is needed on restoration.

Privacy Policy

The app will not collect nor transmit user information such as device ID, e-mail address , user’s name etc. Upon making VS battle connection only random 5-digit number is transmitted.